China solar module export analyze nov, 2019

The total export of solar module from China has increased 4.8% in Nov compare with Oct, and 21.7% increase compare with Nov, 2018. Meanwhile the price has a 0.3% decrease compare with last month.

Top 10 companies for export are: Canadian Solar, JA Solar, Jinko Solar, Risen, Trina, Longi Solar, Hanwha QCell, Chit Solar, Suntech, DZS Solar.

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The top 10 export markets are:Netherland(EU), Japan, Brazil, Australia, India, Mexico, Spain, Pakistan, Korea, Viet Nam

top 10 solar module Export countries-NOV 2019-MW GesseyNewEnergyInfo
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Top Export Country Market Analyze-Pakistan

The overall export situation in Nov 2019 has improved greatly compared with the previous month, among which the export volume of the Indian market and Pakistan market have increased by 75.5% and 103.5% respectively month-on-month, ranking the fifth and eighth exporting countries respectively.

Early on, Pakistan’s pv market was very similar to India’s, with a high proportion of polycrystalline demand. After the bidding price system was implemented in 2017, the proportion of monocrystalline gradually increased, especially Q4 in 2019. The price performance of monocrystalline products became more prominent after the price adjustment, and the demand for monocrystalline began to exceed the demand for polycrystalline.

The Pakistani government has not yet set the planned solar installation capacity, but with the local radiation resources and strong electricity demand, solar installation capacity after 2016 has been increasing year by year. It is expected that the new installed capacity of the whole year of 2019 will exceed 1GW, and the demand of solar in GW will be maintained in the next 5 years.

According to the export data of GNEI -solar modules, 72 cell module accounted for 69% of the export models in Pakistan market in November 2019, which is the major demand which is obviously for ground installation. Unlike in the past, when demand was mainly for poly, Pakistan’s mono demand exceeded poly in November, accounting for 56% of the total.

Nov 2019 Export to Pakistan Solar Module by type GesseyNewEnergyInfo
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According to GNEI export data, the top export companies are Jinko, Renesola, Eging and JA Solar from China to Pakistan in Nov 2019.

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